‘Our Ambassador’s’ Name Was Christopher Stevens – Say It

Sarah Palin unleashed one of her patented, context-free, buzzword laden Facebook posts early this morning. Long before the smoke cleared in Libya, she was ginning up her masses; the perpetually angry people who still can’t believe THAT man, was somehow elected president. She’s made a tidy profit during the Obama presidency. You don’t have to ask if Sarah Palin is better off than she was four years ago. She is. Along with a handful of others like Sheriff Joe, Orly Taitz and Dinesh D’souza, Sarah Palin is heavily vested in the cottage industry of Obama hate.

Mitt Romney also ‘rushed to press,’ releasing a statement that was shameful for both its political smears and its prematurity. Shoot first and never ask questions is the new conservative M.O. Someone on the right blew the whistle, and it was time to kick the political football, facts be damned.

You can see the post in its prickly, snarky entirety here. It’s been shared over 12,000 times, as of this writing. One thing all the people who read her little snit will not discover from it, is the name of the Ambassador who lost his life because one group of religious extremists intentionally provoked another group of religious extremists.

His name was Christopher Stevens, Sarah; and you and he would never have gotten along.

He went to Berkeley: that’s practically a punchline for you anti-intellectual types, right? It gets worse though. He had a Master of Science degree.

And one more thing; He was a living embodiment of Big Government; An Ambassador in a foreign country? Do you small-government American Exceptionalists even believe in that?

I know that these words won’t stop the armies of people who prefer to rally for symbols, rather than ideas. But if you’re going to make ‘Our Ambassador’ a sacred cause in your war against your elected government officials, remember this, please.

He worked for Barack Obama, he was appointed by Barack Obama. They had a relationship. Barack Obama knew his name.

His name was Christopher Stevens.

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