BREAKING – U.S. Embassies In Yemen And Egypt ‘Attacked Repeatedly’ By Protesters (VIDEO)

Reuters is reporting that U.S. embassies in Sanaa, Yemen and Cairo, Egypt found themselves under attack by demonstrators Thursday, in protest of the now infamous movie, Innocence of Muslims, as well as the news of U.S. warships being directed towards Libya in the aftermath of the embassy attack there the day before.

In Sanaa, Yemeni protestors shouting, “We sacrifice ourselves for you, Messenger of God” broke through the embassy’s main gate, while outside the building cars were lit on fire and windows broken. An eyewitness recounts:

We can see a fire inside the compound and security forces are firing in the air. The demonstrators are fleeing and then charging back,” one witness told Reuters. A security source said at least 15 people were wounded, some by bullets. An embassy spokesman said its personnel were reported to be safe.

In addition to the 15 wounded, 12 more people were placed under arrest. Reportedly security forces fired in the air, attempting to hold off the mob until Yemeni police arrived and dispersed the crowds with tear gas.

You can see video of the attack here:

While in Cairo, protestors clashed with police who had cordoned off the U.S. embassy to Egypt. Violence broke out there Wednesday, stemming from protests that began Tuesday night.

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