Ron Paul Is One Of The Most Corrupt Members Of Congress

Ron Paul, the libertarian fantasy candidate, is one of the most corrupt members of our government, according to a watchdog group called, “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.” They made the allegations in a study published recently.

The charges mostly have to do with double-billing–Ron Paul has charged traveling expenses, on multiple occasions, twice. Once to his congressional allowance, and again to either campaign committees or non-profits under his control. Here’s an excerpt from the study:

In February 2012, an investigation by the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call found Rep. Paul had repeatedly paid for travel costs using his official member representational allowance while also receiving reimbursements for the same expenses from political and nonprofit organizations supporting his activities.

For instance, on September 21, 2000, Rep. Paul used his American Express card to buy an American Airlines ticket for $230.50. House disbursement records show taxpayers paid for the ticket on October 13, 2000. On October 26, 2000, however, Rep. Paul’s campaign committee reported a $230.50 disbursement to American Airlines, apparently to pay for the same ticket.

Rep. Paul bought two airline tickets in January 2005, again using his American Express card. He purchased one from United Airlines at a cost of $1,076.78, and a second from Continental Airlines for $403.70. House disbursement records show he was reimbursed for both tickets on February 11, 2005.  Nonetheless, on February 21, 2005, the Liberty Committee, a nonprofit group supporting libertarian causes that had close ties to Rep. Paul, issued a $1,480.48 check to American Express – an amount equal to the sum of the cost of the two tickets.

Roll Call found many other instances between 1999 and 2009 where flight dates and costs listed in House disbursement records appear to match other reimbursements issued to Rep. Paul, though the public records did not always contain enough information to be certain. In 2009, the House began reporting disbursements with far less detail, making it impossible to find precise information about travel expenses and compare them to other records.

Congressional behavior such as this is fraudulent and need be stopped. It’s just goes to show how important government transparency really is. The Liberty Committee, a libertarian group that has provided finances for Paul in the past but cut financial ties with him in 2006 (they still support him verbally), has reported the following:

“It’s extremely disappointing,” Liberty Committee President David James told Whispers of the double-billing.

James says he first noticed a red flag in 2004, after the committee asked Paul for copies of his travel tickets, and the congressman did not provide them. Paul stopped billing the committee shortly after they asked for the tickets, according to James. By 2005, James says he was aware of possible double-billing. But it wasn’t until the Roll Call story that he saw how far the problem extended.

The committee conducted its own audit of Paul’s finances shortly after the story, and found that 60 percent of the travel Paul had billed to the committee had been doubled-billed.

“We have contacted Congressman Paul to look at the records and repay the amount,” James told Whispers. “But our last communication was not even responded to.”

It must be asked: how much money has Paul defrauded people of by now?

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