Fox & Friends Once Again Lowers The Bar, As They’re Pranked Live By Comic (VIDEO)

Fox & Friends, the morning conservative propaganda show that’s disguised as a news/chat show is considered such a joke, that comedians are now sneaking their way on the show to be interviewed. This morning Gretchen Carlson was dutifully trying to pass off Republican bullet points as actual news, when she found herself interviewing aspiring comic Max Rice, via satellite. The segment was supposed to be about ‘young people who voted for Obama in 2008, but are switching to Romney in 2012.’ This supposed ‘news story’ is taken directly from the Romney campaign; in fact, it’s almost taken verbatim from a campaign ad featuring a Romney staffer.

Just like in the commercial, it seems they couldn’t find a real person to say they voted for Obama, but now prefer Romney. So it must be a lot harder to find someone like that than they would have us believe. The young Max Rice interrupted his introduction with a friendly, “s’up” which Fox researchers assured Gretchen is the way young people greet one another, using something they call, ‘lingo.’

I’m joking, of course. Fox doesn’t employ researchers.

Rice went on to refer to Carlson as “Miss USA.” She was flustered (she was Miss America), but doggedly continued the interview, even after she asked him why he was voting for Romney, and he answered:

“Why am I supporting Mitt Romney? It’s actually a funny story. I lost a basketball game to a friend of mine.”

You can watch the ‘interview’ here:

While it’s pretty funny to watch this counterfeit journalist be embarrassed by her counterfeit interviewee, it’s also a bit sobering. This is a very popular program, on the most watched cable ‘news’ channel in America. But Fox & Friends is either so lazy or inept, that they can’t even be bothered to do the most rudimentary background check on the people they interview. You have to wonder if journalism can ever recover from the virulent stain Gretchen Carlson, Fox & Friends and News Corp. have tarred it with.

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