After ‘47% Are Victims’ Gaffe, Romney Backpedals Into 3 Lies You Shouldn’t Believe

By now you’ve probably heard of the churlish remarks Mitt Romney made on hidden video about the half of Americans who he thinks vote Obama and act like victims who don’t take responsibility for their lives. Presumably, he was referring to the portion of Americans who pay even less in income taxes than Romney’s own 13.5%, perhaps because they are a retiree, student, or simply an underpaid employee of a major corporation.

At the press conference he gave Monday night in response to the video release, Romney’s attempt at a “save” was to (a) stand by his comments and (b) explain that if he’s elected President, his policies will help those pitiful people (the 47% of government-dependent Americans who don’t take responsibility for their lives) by applying three magic remedies:

Lie 1: Romney claims his administration will “create 12 million new jobs and rising take home pay.”

Truth: “Mitt Romney’s plan to overhaul the American corporate tax code would ‘exacerbate the worst features of our current tax system’ by giving corporations more than $1 trillion in tax breaks and providing an incentive to outsource jobs and stash profits overseas,” according to an official at the Center for American Progress.

Unless Romney intends to ship American voters overseas to fill those jobs (at a lower wage, of course, so the lion’s share of profits stay at the top), then Romney’s economic policies may actually increase unemployment.

Lie 2: Romney claims his administration will “bring people out of poverty.”

Truth: Income inequality is a leading contributor to poverty, not a lack of motivation on the part of the poor. In 2008, even before Obama took office, the United States had the third worst level of income inequality and poverty among 30 nations, according to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Only Mexico and Turkey ranked higher than the U.S. in income inequality and poverty.

So, no, the Romney/Ryan plan to further cut education, Medicare and other needed government services to keep pace with the onslaught of new tax cuts for the wealthy will not help reduce the nation’s startling long-term rise in poverty (46.2 million Americans were living in poverty in 2011).

Lie 3: Romney claims his administration will be a land of “free people pursuing their dreams.”

Truth: There is so much irony in this trite placation; it’s hard to know where to begin. Romney certainly doesn’t want gay people free to pursue their dreams, and he’s bound to flip-flop on his positions on women’s and immigrant rights given GOP pressure.

Romney must mean he wants the rich, the ones who have the ever-burning desire for deeper tax cuts, to pursue their dream of growing wealth through tax breaks or tax evasion – because access to education, availability of jobs on American soil, and access to health care are prerequisites for the American dream, prerequisites that Romney/Ryan aren’t filling.

And everyone should know the truth that there is NO TRICKLE-DOWN EFFECT. In fact, the top 1% captured 93% of the income gains in 2010, the first year of supposed economic recovery for the nation.

See below for the video of Romney’s response to today’s breaking video. At the very end, Romney walks off stage without responding to a reporter’s question if the “47% of Americans are helpless victims” comment represents Romney’s “core convictions.”

Stay tuned, we are awaiting the release of more of the private fundraiser video tomorrow by the reporter who obtained it.

Oh, and Mitt, I pay taxes and I am voting for Obama!

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