Alabama Republican Chairman Promotes Wacky Birther Documentary

Obama was born in Kenya? That is so yesterday’s news. According to Right Wing Watch, Alabama GOP Chairman Bill Armistead promoted the documentary “Dreams From My Real Father” (which says that Obama’s father is Communist Party organizer Frank Marshall Davis) during a speech to a Republican women’s group. This is just the latest in a long series of crazy theories about Obama that have moved from the lunatic fringe to the Republican mainstream.

One of the more despicable trailers for this movie features Marcy Moore, a 1950’s pin-up model, who the filmmaker claims is Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, based on nothing other than a faint physical resemblance.  Exotique #2 is the magazine identified as the one in which Obama’s mother appeared, but since the 36 issues of Exotique were published between 1955 and 1959 it seems highly unlikely that Ann Dunham, born in 1942, was the woman in these photos.

World Net Daily reported that a million copies of the DVD were sent to households in Ohio and another 100,000 were mailed to New Hampshire by the director of this slime fest, Joel Gilbert. The next mass mailing is scheduled for Florida, Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois. Gilbert says he’s doing this because the mainstream media won’t cover the story. This brings up a conundrum for reputable reporters: since this documentary is obviously full of lies and distortions, do you take the high road and try not to give it any extra publicity, or do you take the time to fact-check it, even though the people who would believe this wacky theory don’t care about the facts?