Jill Biden Delights Audience With An Impressively Long Double Entendre (VIDEO)

Dr. Jill Biden unintentionally amuses supporters with a lovingly detailed description of Joe Biden’s pride and joy.

Jill Biden:  So this election is personal to me, and it is deeply personal to the man I am about to introduce. I’ve seen Joe up close… [Dr. Biden makes a wide motion with her hands; audience howls with laughter] It’s in my remarks, really! I’ve seen how his optimism, his determination, his big, strong heart [more audience tittering] drives him to make a difference for other people every day. I’ve heard the urgency in his voice when he comes and talks about the people he’s met…

Lindsay Robertson at New Now Next sums it up: “The best video of the day is a gift that keeps on giving. Second Lady Jill Biden spoke at a campaign event, and got lasting cheers from the crowd when she implied that her husband Joe Biden is well-endowed. And then it just got better from there. This election needed a good giggle fit.”

Here’s the video:

Joe approves:

“That’s What She Said!”

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