Jill Biden Delights Audience With An Impressively Long Double Entendre (VIDEO)

Author: September 21, 2012 7:07 pm

Dr. Jill Biden unintentionally amuses supporters with a lovingly detailed description of Joe Biden’s pride and joy.

Jill Biden:  So this election is personal to me, and it is deeply personal to the man I am about to introduce. I’ve seen Joe up close… [Dr. Biden makes a wide motion with her hands; audience howls with laughter] It’s in my remarks, really! I’ve seen how his optimism, his determination, his big, strong heart [more audience tittering] drives him to make a difference for other people every day. I’ve heard the urgency in his voice when he comes and talks about the people he’s met…

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Lindsay Robertson at New Now Next sums it up: “The best video of the day is a gift that keeps on giving. Second Lady Jill Biden spoke at a campaign event, and got lasting cheers from the crowd when she implied that her husband Joe Biden is well-endowed. And then it just got better from there. This election needed a good giggle fit.”

Here’s the video:

Joe approves:

“That’s What She Said!”

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