BREAKING: Attention! Possible Voter Suppression In YOUR Area (IMAGE)

While exploring Facebook for news stories, I ran across the following post on the popular fan page “Being Liberal:”

I immediately commented and told him who I was and how to reach me in my capacity as a journalist. He quickly emailed me with the following;

I still have the ballot because i never did fill it out and mail it in.  I also don’t have the instruction sheet.  So, it is my word against theirs.  But, I am sure that if someone looked into this situation, I can’t be the only one who got instructions two weeks later.  Why I didn’t save the envelopes and post dates, and the instructions…  I have no idea.  Of course I wish I would have.  So, now all I have is my word and the ballot without any notification of where to write my ID number on it.  I wish I had the instruction sheet they sent me two weeks later.

That is all I have to offer, and it probably isn’t enough.

While this is pure speculation, there is a very possibility that it was done on purpose. Be aware and hold on to your ballots for a duration of time before sending them in.

If you have any information regarding this story, including the original copies of the instructions for sending out the ballots, please contact me at [email protected] or reach me on Facebook.

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