Congressman Gohmert Claims Obama Establishing New Ottoman Empire (VIDEO)

Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas’ 1st Congressional District had some choice words on the house floor the other day:


While he did not make the usual claim Obama is a Muslim, admitting that the President is indeed a Christian, he did make the claim that President Obama’s foreign policy was “a massive beginning of a new Ottoman Empire that [he] can take great credit for.”

The Ottoman Empire, named after the Imperial House of Osman which ruled it, dissolved in 1922 after the alliance between the empire with the Germans in World War I resulted in the nations defeat during that conflict. The current head of the house, Bayezid Osman  is a retired librarian from New York. He has not yet been reached for comment to confirm the Congressman’s claim that Obama is seeking to restore his family to power in Turkey. There is also strange silence coming from Turkey as it stubbornly clings to being a Parliamentary Democracy, showing no signs of wishing to abdicate power to House Osman.

Bayezid Osman in 2006

The claim of the imminent restoration of the Ottoman Empire is an old one from right-wing conspiracy theory sites. You can find many examples of right-wing pundits making this claim. Seeing someone who is privy to intelligence briefings by the CIA making the claim is a sad sign of conditions on Capital hill.

Congressman Gohmert must apologize to President Obama, the American people and to our ally Turkey for the claim. It is disrespectful and spreading wild, discredited conspiracy theories is not becoming to one of his station.