Women For Mitt: A Picture Worth 1000 Words (IMAGE)

I ran across this picture in my FaceBook news feed this morning, after it was posted on the Opinionated Democrat fan page. I chuckled and passed it around to friends. It seems to illustrate a piece of the puzzle that makes conservatives so incomprehensible in 2012. A banner that says ‘Women for Mitt,’ being carried by two men. There are no women, not holding the sign or walking behind in support. There is a woman near them; but only one. Maybe it should read, ‘Woman for Mitt,’ and have an arrow pointing to her.

Why are there no women following the sign? The most logical reason is that, in the last few years, conservatives have tried to both legislate and shame women back to the days of the Puritans. Republicans have adopted an ideology that relegates women to second-class citizens, and still they somehow expect them to rally in support.

I tried to locate the original source of this picture by googling ‘Missouri Women for Mitt.’ All I found was an old FaceBook event to attend a St. Louis Cardinals game. It doesn’t look like it was well attended, even though the Cards are doing pretty well this year. It was the only event, aside from the RNC, listing a page named ‘Women for Mitt.’ Started in April, they are now 77 strong (as of this writing). I couldn’t say how many are women. In my quest for journalistic integrity I was able to find a larger group, ‘Women For Romney 2012,’ with over 5,000 ‘likes.’ It appears to be the most popular (by far) of all the pages in the Romney/Women category.

By way of contrast, ‘Women for Obama‘ has almost 983,000 followers. I’ll bet they even hold their own banners when they march.

And I’ll bet they’ll hold their own come November.

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