Romney’s Investments In Iran And China Prove We Need More Of His Tax Returns

Mitt Romney refuses to give the American people more than two years’ tax returns, saying that there is so much fodder in them that Democrats will find too many things to grill him on. I understand and agree with Mitt, there is a lot of information in his taxes that Dems may find to use against him, but that is no one’s fault but his.

It was revealed on The Rachel Maddow show tonight and is also being shown by, that Mitt’s been investing for quite a while …years to be exact, in Iran, which has been an illegal practice for a while now.

Rachel revealed that one of the companies that Romney had invested in, whether knowingly or not, is ‘Cnooc’ which is a Chinese owned company that tried to buy the American company ‘Unocal’ in 2005, but was restricted from doing so on the basis that the merger represented a National Security risk, the deal was frowned upon by lawmakers and was subsequently scrapped.

After this catastrophe and I think in retaliation, the Chinese gave approval for Cnooc to invest in a deal with Iran in 2009…seven months after which the highly publicized deal was invested in by Mitt’s ‘blind’ trust. I remind you now of one of Rachel’s favorite clips which shows Mitt saying that a “Blind Trust” is just an ‘age-old ruse’ as you can stipulate what your blind trust is allowed to invest in, thereby making Mitt ultimately responsible for the investments his blind trust invested in, under his prior stipulations.

The investments were made by the trust in 2009, which is well after Mitt ran for the Republican nomination, being edged out by the McCain/Palin ticket. This is definitely the best reason for Mitt to release his taxes, so Americans will have an opportunity to meet the real Mitt Romney before we vote for him to become the President. Release the hounds Mitt…release the hounds!

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