Standard Right Wing Propaganda: Christians Are Persecuted By Liberals (IMAGE)

Right wing Christians have this adorable view of themselves as persecuted and oppressed. They can often be found bellyaching over how liberals protect and excuse Muslims while condemning right-wing Christians instead.

Here’s the thing though: Liberals do condemn Muslim extremists. We also condemn anyone who sounds or acts like them. Unfortunately for America, that happens to be, you guessed it, right-wing Christians.

Here’s a list of fundamentalist beliefs:

1. Women are subservient to men

2. Government should be run according to holy scripture

3. Homosexuality is evil

4. Rape is OK

5. Other religions should be discriminated against

6. Pork is forbidden

7. Violence against domestic enemies is acceptable

8. Women should be blamed rape

9. Science is bad

10. Education is bad

11. Evolution is false

These are all defining characteristics of both Muslim and Christian extremists.

Oh! You got me! This list is totally wrong! Christian extremists can, indeed, eat pork. Everything else absolutely applies to both groups.

Right wing Christians have embraced a sick and twisted version of Christianity in which the poor are evil, the rich are heroes and violence is laudable. They also like to paint all Muslims as dangerous fanatics and, for some reason, brown. Islam has no race. In that, the Muslim extremists are actually more progressive than their American right-wing Christian counterparts who prefer their Jihadists Crusaders to be certain skin tone (hint: it’s not’s black).

Jose Padilla, the Hispanic “Dirty Bomber” and Colleen LaRose, “Jihad Jane,” two perfect examples of why right wingers who think racial profiling will work are imbeciles.

So the next time you come across a right-wing Christian whining about how oppressed and picked on they are, tell them to put a sock in it; Liberals don’t hate them for being Christian, we hate them for NOT being Christian!

Oh, and in case someone would like to argue that I’m making it all up, here’s prominent right wingers saying the very things I list above:

In order:

1. Michele Bachmann

2. David Barton

3. Mike Huckabee

4. Paul Ryan (Yes, if you only legally recognize violent rape as rape, you’re tacitly permitting every other kind)

5. Sarah Palin

6. If you don’t know this already, you are too stupid to discuss Islam in any way, shape or form

7. Sharron Angle

8. Bill O’Reilly

9. Jon Huntsman

10. Rick Santorum

11. The entire GOP

As far as I can tell, the only difference between al Qaeda and the Tea Party is that only one of them pretends to follow the teachings of Jesus. I’m sure you can figure out which one on your own.

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