GOP Phone Volunteer: Obama Is A Socialist Muslim And He’ll Take Away Medicare (AUDIO)

Phoning prospective voters during the few months before an election is normal, and this season is no different. However, blatantly lying–whether you believe your own lies or not–is usually frowned upon. Yet, in Clay County, Florida, this is exactly what happened. A female volunteer was captured on an answering machine saying that Obama is a socialist, that he’s a Muslim, and that he’s going to take away Medicare. She then instructed them to pay attention to Fox News and make sure they get out there and see 2016: Obama’s America, the conservative propaganda “documentary” that’s been circulating (and widely debunked).

Here’s the audio:


Well, Obama is a Christian. Even if he were Muslim (which would be an amazing statement of tolerance for our country to make), it really wouldn’t matter with regard to his viability for presidency. The right wing seems to have forgotten that bit in the Constitution about no religious test being required for office in this country, and the Second Amendment seemingly has blinded them to the first. I’m not a Christian, but I don’t care if someone else is and I don’t automatically assume their religion affects their political agenda.

Obama is no socialist. If he is, he’s the worst one ever. Even the Affordable Care Act–Obamacare–isn’t a socialist program. Forcing everyone to buy something in order to drop the price is certainly not a socialist ideal. If he was a socialist, he’d have mandated a “healthcare tax” instead and the government would pay for medical. While the Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate was a tax, it’s in a very roundabout way and that doesn’t make Obama’s ideal a socialist one–in a way, it actually makes Supreme Court socialist. Obama didn’t intend the “tax” view on it. Supreme Court did, and kept it legal anyway.

It’s ironic that she said Obama plans on taking away Medicare, considering that that’s what Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney want to do; take Medicare away and replace it with a voucher program. Her information is simply backwards, but can we honestly expect better from the GOP?

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