Bain Workers Bus Tour Attacks ‘Romney Economy’ (VIDEO)

Bain workers Jessica Muniz and SImara Martinez spoke out with coworker Calvin Johnson (not shown) about struggling to “survive on $7.25” at the Bain Worker Bus Tour rally at Burlington Coat Factory in Detroit, MI. On Sept. 27. Over 140 protesters attended.

Bain workers Jessica Muniz and Simara Martinez spoke out with co-worker Calvin Johnson (not shown) about struggling to “survive on $7.25” at the Bain Worker Bus Tour rally at Burlington Coat Factory in Detroit, MI. On Sept. 27. Over 140 protesters attended. Photo courtesy of

GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney touts his business experience as founder and owner of Bain Capital as a main qualification for office. But those who have worked for companies managed by the infamous leveraged buyout firm know from experience that if Romney applies Bain’s techniques to running the USA, he’ll run our country into the ground.

To educate voters about the dangers of a “Romney economy,” current and former employees of Bain-owned firms have taken their show on the road. The Bain Workers Bus Tour is rolling through swing state cities and making stops at Bain-owned company sites throughout the last weeks of the election. Demonstrations include heartfelt speeches from Bain employees; sign-waving and cheers from large, supportive crowds; and the handing out of symbolic pink slips.

During a September 25th tour stop in Janesville, Wisconsin, Sensata Technologies worker Dot Turner shared her experiences and asked the crowd to join in the fight to save American jobs in a moving speech. She then invited everyone to “Bainport, Illinois,” the Sensata workers’ protest encampment in Freeport, for their September 29th “Outsourcing Pig Roast.”

You can see and hear for yourself in the video below:

Firms bought out and managed by Bain Capital include Sensata Technologies, Michaels, Burlington Coat Factory, Outback Steakhouse, and Dunkin’ Donuts (which Bain recently sold). The series of events launched from St. Louis, Missouri on September 21st; has visited locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan; and is heading towards Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey Massachusetts, and Florida. during the weeks leading to the November 6th election.

For a transcript of Turner’s speech, read below:

I am a 40-year employee of Sensata. And the rug was pulled from underneath me two years ago, when they announced to our company that they were shipping our jobs to China. Not because we weren’t doing a good job, and not because we weren’t profitable, but because of corporate greed, and cheap labor practices. This is why they decided to ship our jobs to China. And they’re sending us chip change for a severance package, while the two CEO’s, last year, got a $7.2 million dollar bonus raise […] and this is not right. As Americans, we need to stand up like we’re doing right now, all over this country, and fight for our jobs. … and you know, I don’t think anybody — you guys — really realize what this is gonna be like if Mitt Romney is made president. He’ll sell this country off, like he does at Bain Capital, piece by piece, and when he’s done being president, what he’s gonna do, we’ll have to support him for the rest of his life, we’ll be paying him [Social] Security and a paycheck after destroying all of our lives. That’s like a slap in the face to the American people. And unless we all stand up and be heard, this’ll go on. We’ve got to fight for our jobs, and we appreciate everyone for how they support us.


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