Romney Plans Attack On President Obama – Calls It ‘Jimmy Carter Strategy’

A source inside the Romney campaign has revealed that an October attack is planned, and that they are calling it the “Jimmy Carter Strategy” or “October Surprise.”

Salon reports:

According to a highly reliable source, as Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama prepare for the first presidential debate Wednesday night, top Republican operatives are primed to unleash a new two-pronged offensive that will attack Obama as weak on national security, and will be based, in part, on new intelligence information regarding the attacks in Libya that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens on Sept. 11.

The source, who has firsthand knowledge of private, high-level conversations in the Romney camp that took place in Washington, D.C., last week, said that at various times the GOP strategists referred to their new operation as the “Jimmy Carter Strategy” or the “October Surprise.”

The source described the Republicans as chortling with glee that the Obama administration “definitely had intel” about the attack before it happened. “Intelligence can be graded in different ways,” he added, “and sometimes A and B don’t get connected. But [the Romney campaign] will try to paint it to look like Obama had advance knowledge of the attack and is weak on terrorism.”

He said they were jubilant about their new strategy and said they intended to portray Obama as a helpless, Jimmy Carter-like president and to equate the tragedy in Libya with President Carter’s failed attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran in 1980. “They are so excited about it,” he said. “Over and over again they talked about how it would be just like Jimmy Carter’s failed raid. They feel it is going to give them a last-minute landslide in the election.”

This Republican strategy, if the source is right, is both repugnant and unlikely to work. The fact that they are so keen and happy to use the death of our ambassadors as a political tool shows how out-of-touch they are, as well as providing an excellent example of the partisan squabbling that wastes so much time. They show, once again, that they do not care about anything other than a conservative win, no matter what it means for the rest of the country. In fact, given the recent GOP voter suppression, it is unlikely they even wish to know what our opinions are.

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