Mitt Romney’s Attitude During The Debate

Let’s be honest; both candidates repeatedly went over their time and also, at one point or another, talked over the moderator in order to finish a thought.

But I’ve never seen anyone completely lose any kind of manners about it and  simply refuse to let the moderator speak like Mitt Romney. No matter what the situation was, Romney took every opportunity to get his way; reminiscent of a child.

All in all, Jim Lehrer was simply a horrible moderator; he was unable to assert himself or give his presence a clear point. He even agreed that he did poorly, there at the end.

Romney, though, made the entire debate a spectacle of projection (trickle-down government? Really) and smirked, spoke aggressively (punctuating lies needs enunciation), and openly laughed derisively. He simply acted like a bully. After the fact checkers are done dissecting him, maybe that smirk’ll get wiped off of his face. I doubt it, though; he’s trained as a corporate actor.

Romney’s cool mask seems to be dissolving. He can’t seem to keep his anger or attitude in check. Instead, he loudly asserts falsities perhaps in the hope that they’ll become true or maybe (most likely) he hopes that people will mindlessly repeat them while calling Obama a liar for pointing out the holes in his logic.

This man, this intensely dislikable (did you see his smile?) and arrogant man, resumes himself to be above the rules, above the facts, and above any kind of decency. He made sure to get himself as much camera time as possible.

Can a man that’s never been middle class really understand the plight? Does he know what it takes to help? His company — the one he touts all his business experience from — made its money by tearing apart other companies and sending jobs overseas.

Let’s act like adults, candidates.

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