Republican Commercial Shows Nancy Pelosi Sacrificing Animals With Zombies…Really (VIDEO)

Ah, Republicans…Remember when being conservative meant that you valued things like appearances, dignity and reverence for public service? Remember when you were humorless and stuffy? Sure, you were pompous, but at least you understood that running the United States was a serious matter.

If this is how conservatives act without the stick up their ass, for God’s sake, someone PUT IT BACK!

John Dennis is a ‘Ron Paul Republican’ running against the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi represents California’s 8th district, that includes most of San Francisco County. The seat has been held by a Democrat since 1953, the year the district was created. Dennis lost this same race to Pelosi in 2010.

Apparently, it scarred him a bit. He recently released a commercial, that depicts Ms. Pelosi, as a creature from a horror film; a shrill monster, surrounded by zombies and preparing a ritual sacrifice. The ad was designed by the same ‘mad man’ who worked for Herman Cain. It looks more like an Alice Cooper video than a commercial for a man seeking to help run a nation of 320 million people.

Welcome To John’s nightmare:

This year, more than ever, Republican attack ads have degenerated to foolishness and substance-free fantasy, but this is a new low-water mark. In a time where a troubling number of ‘Christian conservatives’ believe that progressives are Satanists and the President is the Anti-Christ, this is a dog whistle. That’s at its worst.

At its best, its mean-spirited, sophomoric, tasteless and undignified. America faces serious problems, and decisions made in Congress will have far-reaching effects on life in every corner of Earth. What kind of lightweight frat-boy thinks that this is appropriate political discourse?

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