Todd Akin ‘Forgot’ About $130,000 Paid To Him

Rep. Todd Akin (R-Missouri) recently amended a decade’s worth of financial reports. What was found in the amended reports is that Akin, a current candidate for U.S. Senate, failed to disclose almost $130,000 of pension funds from his earlier position as a member of the Missouri House.

This comes as Akin still is reeling from overwhelmingly negative public response to a video which recently surfaced of him telling an audience in Kansas City if they wanted his attention to “write me a decent check…I remember that” from last May. Akin has also fought to end pensions for everyone else all while he draws one himself. Perhaps most damning, he will never live down introducing “legitimate rape” into the public lexicon.

Congressman Akin called his failure to disclose $130,000 an “unintentional oversight” when he submitted his amended forms to the House Ethics Committee, but if he forgets $130,000, what else might he have forgotten? Perhaps one of those “decent checks?”