Charges Against 91 Involved In $430 Million Medicare Fraud Scandal

Ninety-one people, including medical professionals, have been charged with crimes relevant to a massive Medicare fraud scandal across seven cities. The investigation discovered $430 million in false billing, and 33 of those charge were in the Miami area.

Reuters  reports the following about the continuing investigations of Obama’s administration into Medicare fraud:

The investigation is part of an effort by the Obama administration to find health care savings.

Indictments against the 91 defendants were unsealed on Thursday after a coordinated investigation led by the departments of justice and of Health and Human Services, officials said. Most of the 91 surrendered or were arrested.

Those charged were trying to make a living by defrauding Medicare and its sibling program, Medicaid, which insures the poor, the officials said.

Officials said they had found an additional $42 million in improper claims at a Houston hospital, Riverside General, where they earlier said they had found $116 million in fraud.

In those cases officials said patients had received cigarettes and other kickbacks if they attended a partial hospitalization program. Some patients watched TV instead of receiving services there, the government said.

These investigations are part of the way the Affordable Care Act makes Medicare more affordable. If they continue at this rate (an earlier investigation culminated in finding a $452 million fraud conspiracy and shutting it down), they will certainly help to meet that goal. Medicare fraud is a very serious thing — a so-called “victimless” white-collar crime that in actuality damages both the taxpayers and the true recipients of Medicare; the elderly.

It takes a real awesome person to damage the quality of life for our elderly by leaching money from a limited program, don’t you think? Either way, the system is successful. It’s working. Eliminating fraud in Medicare and universally mandated healthcare coverage will go a long way to lowering the sky-high prices of medical treatment and medical insurance. The “free market” health insurance simply hasn’t worked. Regulation is necessary. More proof of that rolls in every day.

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