Conservatism Costing The GOP Dearly As Log Cabin Republicans Mull Options

For many years, the Log Cabin Republicans have faced a choice between bad and bad. Neither political party supported gay rights. In the elections, none of the candidates ever had a pro-equality platform. Clinton signed DOMA into law. Kerry opposed marriage equality. Gore was mum on the issue. The GOP might have been anti-gay, but the Democratic party was not showing any support for the issue either.

2012 became an all new ballgame. For the first time, a major political party platform includes not only a positive message on homosexuality, it embraced marriage equality without reservation. Rather than hand out scraps to the community, the Democratic Party pulled out a chair to welcome homosexuals to the table as full equals.

The Republican Party candidate for president, Mitt Romney, has done the opposite. While in 1994, he was an unapologetic supporter of gay rights, he now stands in opposition to it. His party’s platform comes down against equal rights across the board, but hits hardest on the gay community. Judging by his speeches and the language he uses, it is clear that he wants homosexuals, any minority really, to stay firmly in the closet.

And the Log Cabin Republicans now find themselves in a bad situation. The Republican party is clear, they don’t want them. The Democratic party however has made it clear that they are welcome. The Log Cabin Republicans have not as of yet endorsed either presidential candidate, and it is possible that party bosses will force them into line to endorse the candidate who has pledged to remove their rights, but the shift is already happening.

With public opinion now solidly in favor of legalizing marriage equality, the Republican Party is once again finding itself on the wrong side of history. If they do not solve their problems soon, they will, like the party did in the 1930’s, find themselves effectively frozen out of the political process itself. Alread, gay community support for Republicans has dropped to a low of 31%, down from 35% just a few years ago. With the Republicans holding onto the slim margins for victory already, further shifts away put their entire future at risk.

People forget that until 1992, California was a solidly Red state, even producing two GOP Presidents in under 20 years, Nixon and Reagan. People also forget that due to demographic shifts, Texas will be turning blue within the next few years. If the Republican party continues on its current anti-minority rant, they will find themselves in permanent minority party status before the decade is out.