Bill Clinton: ‘I Want A President And Congress That Loves It When Unemployment Drops’ (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton, while speaking at a rally in Las Vegas to a crowd of a couple thousand, said that he wants “a president and Congress that loves it when unemployment drops.” This is a reference to the right wing accusation that the 7.8% number for unemployment is somehow skewed or inaccurate.

Here’s the video, courtesy of CNN:


 Transcript is as follows:

They all got together and said, “Hey Mitt, this ship is sinking faster than the Titanic. But people are still frustrated by the economy. They want it fixed yesterday…so just show up with a sunny face and say, ‘I didn’t say all that stuff I said the last two years. I don’t have that tax plan I had for the last two years. You gonna believe me or your lying eyes? Come on!'”

It’s heartbreaking, because it really broke their hearts that unemployment dropped. I want a president and a Congress that loves it when unemployment drops. I want people who believe that putting people back to work is just as patriotic as supporting our troops in uniform.

I want somebody who understands that we cannot be strong in the rest of the world unless we re-build a 21st century American middle class and let the poor people work their way into it and we do it as quickly as possible. I want somebody that says ‘Hallelujah!’ every time the unemployment rate drops.

The problem with the right’s skepticism over the validity of those numbers is that they had no such issue with the number when it showed that unemployment was over eight percent for 43 consecutive months. Only when it changed into good news for President Barack Obama — and the American people as a whole — did the conservative right decide that it suddenly wasn’t the right statistic to use or that the numbers had been altered somehow. Disgusting.

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