5 Washed-Up Celebrities Trying To Cash In On Obama-Bashing (VIDEOS)

Remember the conservative reaction when the Dixie Chicks dared to make a mildly derogatory comment about President George W. Bush?

My oh my, how times have changed. Today it’s considered positively patriotic to spread half-truths, lies and even physically threaten the President of the United States. As the following celebrities found out, nothing can move you from the “Where Are They Now?” lists to the Fox News studios faster than indulging in a little Obama-bashing.

1) Ted Nugent: Uncle Ted has transformed himself from the misogynistic predator of underage girls during his “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” days into the fun-loving, endangered species hunting, family man who can now be seen weekly on the Discovery Channel’s new series, Ted Nugent’s Gun Country by working a new base of  NRA-loving Obama haters into a frenzy with antics such as this offer he made to Obama to suck on his machine gun back in 2007.   

2) Chuck Norris: When Walker, Texas Ranger completed its run in 2001, Chuck’s career seemed to be riding off into the sunset along with it but he’s experienced a resurrection of sorts by becoming the new darling of the Christian right. While he hasn’t been as vocal in his support of Mitt Romney as he was for Mike Huckabee during the last election, he and his wife did see fit to put out the following public service announcement hinting at the possible 1,000 days of darkness we may be facing if the godless Obama is returned to the White House.

3) Chuck Woolery: Chuck, how did the Love Connection we made back in the eighties morph into so much hate? I first became aware of your betrayal when I read a Salon article about your new incarnation as a Twitter Tea Party Troll  last month. I took author Mary Elizabeth Williams’ advice and also perused your website, which left me confused. Are you trying to start some new religion like the Elvis cult? If so, please don’t pass the communion cup of Woolery Kool-Aid my way. I don’t think I can stomach the idiotic views you espouse in videos like this one.

4) Pat Boone: Some people may say that Pat Boone jumped on the birther party bandwagon with both feet because he’s just a senile old man but I disagree. Anyone who witnessed his ridiculous heavy metal incarnation back in the nineties knows that this man will try anything to keep his name in the news. I think he realizes that the only audience he has left is grumpy old white men so what better way to keep their attention than making ridiculous statements like these.

5) Ray Stevens: This was the deepest cut of all. As a child I sang along with Everything Is Beautiful and snickered at The Streak and Ray Stevens even gave me my 15 seconds of elementary school fame when my sister and I were filmed by WAVE TV in Louisville sitting on the stage during his performance at the Kentucky State Fair. That he would stoop so low as to put out a lying piece of crap like Obama Nation is an abomination to me.  

Bruce Lee gets the final word.