Naked Pool Party Plutocrat Hosts More Romney Fundraisers With VP Candidate and Cronies

Romney campaign fundraiser Marc Leder and VP Presidential candidate naked in a pool tossing around a beach ball.

Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan will appear at an upcoming fundraiser at the St. Andrew’s Country Club in Boca Raton, FL. hosted by Mark Leder and a veritable rogues gallery of vile individuals.

You’d think that after hosting that disastrous dinner where a leaked video showed Mitt Romney making his infamous 47% comments, the Sun Equities co-CEO and vulture capitalist, erm, “private equity investor” Marc Leder would be SO done with fundraising. In which case, you’d be SO wrong. After all, how can we expect the inhibiting effects of shame to take effect in a man who wrecks beloved companies for a living — like Friendly’s and Chevy’s for heaven’s sake — and who last made headlines when he scandalized everyone in tony Bridgehampton with last summer’s wild, naked, pool sex parties?

Is THIS what conservative Republicans mean by “family values?” Woot Woot! Count me in!

When you consider the fact that Leder lives in Boca Raton, FL — where the third and final Presidential Debate will be held on October 22nd — and that he and his cohort see nothing wrong with the 47% tape (except its getting into the wrong hands), the whole things makes sense. Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan stars in this event, and will even pose for photos with VIP donors (perhaps in one of those tight euro-style swim suits?), but Mittens is staying the heck away.

Chris Joseph from the Broward/Palm Beach Times writes:

Leder has supposedly been telling donors that he felt bad about someone secretly taping Romney’s sincere contempt for the poor, and wants to make it up to him with another get-together. With more rich people.

Instead of hosting the upcoming event in someone’s mansion, the fundraiser will be held at Boca’s über-swanky St. Andrews Country Club. We, here at Addicting Info, finagled an invitation. If you don’t believe us, read below and weep:

PLUTOCRATS FOR RMONEY -- BELIEVE IN CHINA AND THE CAYMANS ... Dear fellow one percenters,  You are cordially invited to join us - and our future vice president, Paul “Ripped Bod” Ryan - for an evening of naked fun and frolicking in a giant pool with spashing fountains.  Friday, October 19th, 2012 4:30 p.m. till the wee hours at the St. Andrews Country Club Only $25,000 per person  Please bring a potluck dish and your own cocktail shaker, as there will be no wait staff present at this event (to avoid what happened last time, you know).  R.S.V.P. Oh, what’s-her-name, that slut who works at the front desk whom we recruited from Mitt’s Binder Full Of Women.  Reminder: Please bring K-Y Jelly to ensure maximum enjoyment of the full-body-cavity search you’ll receive at our maximum security checkpoint (all image, video, and audio recording devices are prohibited).  Sincerely, Marc Leder & His Creepy Friends

Oh, wait, our editor in chief has just informed me that the document shown above is not a genuine invitation after all. Dang. Sorry about that.

Mother Jones’ Andy Kroll got hold of a real invitation. which provides some intriguing details concerning this event in his October 17th article, “47 Percent Host and Get-Rich-Quick Schemers Holding Romney Fundraisers.” Apparently, Leder isn’t anywhere close to being the most repugnant and unethical human serving on this rogues gallery, er, “hosting committee.” Other fundraisers for the Mitt Romney campaign in and around Boca are being held in private homes. For grins and giggles, you can look them up on the Political Party Time Web site.

Here is a list of Romney supporters serving on the hosting committee alongside Leder:

  • Mike and Irene Milin: Andy Kroll’s article in Mother Jones describes these shady characters as “a husband-wife team who have made a career out of peddling get-rich-quick schemes that state attorneys general have blasted as ‘deceptive,’ ‘unconscionable,’ and ‘illegal.'” The Milins’ bogus “National Grants Conferences” company drew ire from the attorneys general of 33 states in 2007 for falsely claiming that citizens could obtain “free government money” (gee, now we know where those ads came from). In 2010, the State of Texas took action against them, effectively banning the National Grants Conferences from the state. NGC filed bankruptcy in 2011.
  • Marty Fiorentino: A GOP fundraiser and lobbyist based in Jacksonville, FL who consults for a dredging company that paid $150.000 in bribes to disgraced and convicted former Jacksonville Port Authority board Chairman Tony Nelson, according to Timothy J. Gibbons’ February 1st, 2012 article in the Florida Times Union. In the U.S. vs. Nelson case, a jury found Nelson guilty of bribery, mail fraud, and money laundering, plus lying to the FBI and conspiracy. Fiorentino was reportedly the one who introduced Lance Young, owner of Subaqueous Services, Inc. to Nelson, who publicly referred to himself as “a broken man” following the verdict.
  • Former U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas Ned Siegel and Stephanie Siegel: Siegel served as during the Bush II administration, and, according to Wikipedia, “Traditionally, the position is considered a ‘plum post’ — a relatively easy job that is usually appointed to political friends of the president.” Siegel is also on the Board of Directors for the Republican Jewish Coalition, which made headlines last month for bribing people to volunteer for GOP swing state campaigns with iPads and gift certificates. Siegel also served on the Enterprise Florida’s Board of Directors for five years, from 1999-2004, while Jeb Bush was Florida’s governor. Enterprise Florida, the state’s economic development agency, is currently under fire from non-profit watchdog Integrity Florida for secret meetings, cronyism, and lack of transparency since its inception in 1996. According to Dan Krassner’s article in the Tampa Bay Times, corporate board members pay an average of $50,000 per seat and award contracts to their own companies or companies associated with theirs. $22,449,500 of incentives have gone to board members’ companies — including Publix and Lockheed Martin — in the past fiscal year alone.

Other hosts include: technology and infrastructure entrepreneur Scott Adams (no, not the creator of “Dilbert”); Car dealership mogul Rick Case; Rita Case; Morgan Stanley Private Equity Investor Ernesto De La Fe; Ana Maria De La Fe; real estate maggot magnate Justin Kennedy; leveraged buyout executive and Leder’s co-CEO at Sun Capital Partners Rodger Krouse, Hillary Krouse, retired business man Lothar Mayer, Carlyn Mayer, investor Wilbur Ross, Hilary Ross, advertising executive Jordan Zimmerman, and Denise Zimmerman.

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