Did Ann Romney ‘Flip Off’ The President After The Debate? (VIDEO)

Republicans were very unhappy after Tuesday night’s debate, but not nearly as much as the Romney family themselves. Tagg Romney, was quoted as saying he wanted to, “take a swing,” at the President of the United States, and a new viral video seems to show Ann Romney ‘flipping off’ Obama after the debates. The video is from the CNN feed after the debate, and after their camera catches the gesture, they instantly replay it, without comment.

You can watch the video here:

If it’s ‘just a scratch,’ it seems a little odd, though not outside the realm of possibility, for her to be using her middle finger. But pretending to scratch your nose, while giving someone the finger is a move that every school child knows from experience. And it certainly fits the in with the growing perception that the Romneys just aren’t used to, and don’t know how to react to anyone openly disagreeing with them.

From Tagg’s macho bluster, to Mitt’s inability to follow simple rules of debate, the Romney boys behave as though they’re still in boarding school, where nobody dares cross them. And Ann herself doesn’t react very well, when members of the lower castes try to call the Mormon Monarchy into account. But you can decide for yourself: Was she picking, or flipping?

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