Clinton Slams Romney Budget, Crowd Roars (VIDEO)

At an hour-long speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Bill Clinton spoke to 2,200 people at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. In an attack on the Republican nominee’s budget plan, Clinton managed to, using a very simple explanation, illicit a roar of approval from those listening.

Here’s the video and transcript:



Consider this: What if you got hired to fill in a hole. I’ve got a six foot hole here, I want you to fill it in for me, and I’ll pay you $25 an hour to do it. So you get a shovel. And I assume you’re going to get some dirt and fill in the hole. But instead, you jump in the hole and dig it deeper! And you say, ‘I need to exercise. I just want to make it a little deeper before I fill it in. That’s the Romney budget. That’s the Republican budget.

The crowd immediately erupts in cheers afterward. That, in a nutshell, really is the budget — “We’re going to cut taxes, cut a couple minor programs (PBS, Planned Parenthood) and then we’re going to wait until we’re elected to try and get bipartisan support for spending cuts to support the tax cuts.”

Where does the money come from to pay down the deficit and debt? So far, all we’re talking about is covering Romney on tax cuts. I think it’s about time Romney releases the nonexistent rest of his tax plan.

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