Romney’s ‘Military Advisory Council’ Made Up Of Military Contractors

The liberal blog Think Progress has brought something important to media attention: Romney’s new “military advisory council” that comprises, in part, of decorated veterans that support Romney has a simply astonishing number of ex-military officials that work now as consultants and board members for large-scale weapons producers.

Think Progress quotes,

“While many of those on the Council are clearly decorated veterans,”’s Zaid Jilani observes, “one curious aspect of the list is how many of these military figures left the government only to become highly paid consultants and board members to major weapons makers.”

The point is, of course, that Romney plans on giving the military an additional two trillion dollars of unasked-for money, which would likely end up in the pockets of military contracting companies to build weapons or other tools of war. With a board of advisers made of up what practically amounts to representatives of those companies, the connection isn’t that difficult to see.

Try as I might, I simply cannot see Mitt Romney as anything other than a CEO. He’s not presidential material; not a leader. He’s an administrator, and there is a major difference between the two. This plan of corporate cronyism (Don’t forget this: “Corporations are people, my friend.” -Mitt Romney) isn’t good for America. It isn’t good for the people, isn’t good for the land, and isn’t good for national security.

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