Chuck Todd Claims Voting Machine Hacking The Same As Birtherism

This morning Chuck Todd went on to Twitter with this message:

This is very odd, considering that the history of voting machine issues is well documented by the group Black Box Voting. Unlike Birthers, which used conjecture and leaps of logic to make their case, BBV has systematically documented and detailed out the failure of the current voting machine situation in the United States.

Voting machines in the US have not had a very good track record. In 2006 alone there were millions of voting irregularities tied to these machines. The companies which develop them have been found to have strong ties to the Republican Party. Only recently the Romney’s took partial ownership over Ohio’s voting machines.

This is no conspiracy, it is simple business logic. Those who count the votes decide the election. Voting machines are black boxes, how they work is unknown to anyone but those inside of the company in theory. As with all things, however, information has come out which demonstrates that they are bug-filled, hack-prone devices which can easily be manipulated by outside parties.

Examples from the BBV website on issues with voting machines include:

  • Computerized voting systems not working, requiring results to be manually typed in.
  • Election officials hand counting of ballots to find a total entirely different than the results noted on the voting machines.
  • Machines required regular rebooting to make them work
  • Memory cards replaced midstream
  • paper trails thrown away
  • Voters who were told they were done when the machine was reading ‘error’
  • Ballots without all the appropriate issues, or issues having incorrect language
  • More votes than registered voters by an order of magnitude
  • Voter database records missing
  • Newly required voter IDs arrive with hundreds of errors, some stored electronically so not discovered until at the voting machine
  • Precinct officials admitted that they were bribed to change selections in the voting booth.
  • Memory cards with recorded votes going missing
  • Use of voting machines to engage in mid-census gerrymandering by substituting ballots in specific polling centers
  • Uncertified firmware updates added to machines just before elections automatically by manufacturer
  • Database tables stored on non-secure systems, or handled by partisan groups before final tabulation

Chuck Todd is normally on his game. This time he fails to grasp the enormity of the situation. While there might not be some grand conspiracy afoot, there are certainly voting machine issues which should have been resolved a decade ago.