Trump Announces: ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts As Involved In Bin Laden Capture As The President

In the growing insanity of a too-long presidential campaign, bloviators from far and wide can be found looking under every rock they stumble upon, hopeful of digging up some new slant, some great “reveal,” some heretofore undiscussed skinny, that will shine a new, unfavorable light on the other guy, make their guy look even more deserving, and maybe, if they’re lucky, pull a little attention in their own direction. No one embodies this trend more than Mr. Donald Trump, he of the big hair, and bigger, even less manageable, mouth.

Realizing the weary “birther” meme is losing steam and feeling his media stats slipping a little of late, this morning he wrangled his way onto an episode of Fox’s oh-so-high-minded show, Fox & Friends, where he gas-bagged all his usual anti-Obama pontifications before landing on a new one he hoped would gain some traction:

“But he [President Obama] didn’t get bin Laden. He had as much to do with that as you did.”

Fox & Friends hosts, Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade, were stunned – and maybe just a little thrilled – to extrapolate that they’d had any small part in one of the biggest historical events in American history. The less-vacuous American public, however, was likely as head-shaking about this big announcement from Trump as they were his harangues about the President being non-American, a Muslim, from Kenya, with bad grades. Or whatever it was. But then The Donald does have the inside scoop on these things…doesn’t he?

In reality, his flippant statement is not only hollow, it uncovers his vapid lack of knowledge about the inner workings of the White House and the military and intelligence communities with which it interacts. It is also sharply countered by the reporting of those with far more insight and perspective on the story than Mr. Trump could ever have (but then, Trump is likewise wrong about the matter of Obama’s birth, his education, and his religion, but that doesn’t stop him from blathering about those, either).

A particularly thoughtful and detailed report of the President’s actual involvement in the capture and death of bin Laden can be found in Vanity Fair contributing editor Mark Bowden’s book The Finish, which the author excerpts in “The Hunt for Geronimo” in the November issue of the magazine. In one particularly revealing passage, Bowden writes about how–after the many months, meetings, debates, rehearsals, intelligence and analysis by all involved, led by the President–the time had come to act:

Still, he turned it over in his mind until the small hours. His habit was to stay up much later than Michelle and the girls. That night he was preoccupied not so much with making a decision, but with whether he had considered every element carefully enough. “It was a matter of taking one last breath and just making sure, asking if there [is] something that I haven’t thought of?” Obama explained to me.  “Is there something that we need to do?…At that point, my estimation was that we weren’t going to be able to do it better a month or two months from now. We weren’t going to have a better certainty about whether bin Laden was there, and so it was just a matter of pulling the trigger.” Alone in the Treaty Room, he considered the matter for three or four hours. He woke up several times that night, still mulling it over. In the end, he would recall, the decision would boil down to Obama’s deep confidence in McRaven [Admiral Bill McRaven, Navy SEAL who led the Joint Special Operations Command]: “He just never looks like he’s surprised by anything.”

The rest is history. Or is it? You can read The Finish, read the Vanity Fair article, read other in-depth reports of the President’s hands-on and, ultimately, decisive role as President and Commander in Chief of one of the biggest and most sensitive military operations in history…or you can take Donald’s word for it.

It has been reported that on May 2, 2011, while Navy SEALs captured Osama bin Laden at the command of President Obama, Gretchen was up early getting her roots done, Steve had a tough session with a weight trainer, and Brian was on the job making sure the craft services table had his favorite coffee. Or something like that.

UPDATE: Trump has just announced he will have something “…very, very big concerning the president of the United States” to announce “probably Wednesday.” The last time he made a similar announcement, the “big surprise” was a video featuring an Obama impersonator who Trump predictably fired. Stayed tuned. This could be good!

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