Arizona Misleads Latinos–Again

Maricopa County, Arizona, seems to have developed a bad habit of giving the wrong election date to Latinos on Spanish-language items that they distribute, while the correct date appears in the English version. Less than a week ago, a voter discovered that the Spanish information accompanying voter ID cards showed November 8th as Election Day while the English version listed the correct date of November 6th. Now they’ve done it again.

Bookmarks distributed at three election counters throughout the county once more list November 8th as Election Day on the Spanish-language side, while the English side correctly says November 6th. A spokeswoman for the election department stated they have no idea how many of the incorrect markers have been picked up by the public.

Randy Parraz, President of Citizens For A Better Arizona (CBA), criticized Maricopa County Recorder, Helen Purcell, for the newly-discovered error:

“The moment you found the first problem [the voter ID card], there should have been an inventory. Anyone with common sense would have done an inventory on everything that’s been printed to catch this. It shows she’s incompetent and not qualified.”

Parraz has a special stake in this controversy. CBA was created to improve life in Arizona by addressing the discriminatory human rights issues that have plagued the state. Turning out the Latino vote has been a big part of their efforts. The grass roots organization successfully orchestrated a recall drive against Russell Pearce, the former President of the Arizona State Senate who was the primary sponsor of the notorious immigration bill, SB1070.  CBA then organized a second drive to keep Pearch from regaining a seat in the Senate. Currently, CBA and Parraz are committed to keeping Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, from winning yet another term.

Will there be consequences for the Election Department’s antics, whether intentional or otherwise? According to their website, that’s what CBA is all about: “holding elected officials accountable for their extreme behavior.”

Where does it get more extreme than in Arizona?

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