Standard Right Wing Propaganda: Republicans Are Always Honest

Really? Republicans get angry when you lie to them? Let’s put that to the test!

1. Hey, Republican! George W. Bush stated as a fact that Iraq had WMDs and we found them!

That’s because Republicans are tough on terror!

Whoops! My bad! There were no WMDs and Bush made it all up to invade Iraq. Shouldn’t you be angry at Fox for telling you that?


2. Hey, Republican! Obama tripled the deficit!

 That’s because liberals are fiscally irresponsible!

Whoops! My bad! George W. Bush tripled the deficit and Obama has lowered it each year he’s been in office. Even the right wing think tank, the CATO Institute, said so. Shouldn’t you be mad at the GOP for lying about that?


3. Hey Republicans! Obama said that if you own a small business, you didn’t build it! Here’s Fox and Friends exposing Obama:

That’s because Obama is a Communist that hates the working man!

Whoops! My bad! He was clearly talking about the roads and bridges and other infrastructure that allow people to build successful businesses. Here’s what he actually said, in context:

 Shouldn’t you be angry at Fox for deceptively editing that?
4. Hey Republicans! Did you know Obama is a Muslim?!
Hell, yeah he’s a Muslim! He wants to destroy America and make it all Islamic and stuff!
Whoops! My bad!! He’s a Christian! Remember when Fox complained, nonstop, about REVERAND Wright for months? Obama attended that church for years. He doesn’t have a beard. He eats pork. He drinks alcohol. He does not fast during Ramadan. He does not pray towards Mecca several times a day. His daughters have been christened. Shouldn’t you be angry at all the politicians and Tea Partiers that keep claiming he’s a Muslim?
Well, is there any right wing lie that gets you mad?
But I thought the truth was super important to Republicans?
We only get mad when Democrats lie.
About what?
About stuff like not finding WMDs in Iraq, Obama not tripling the deficit, Obama not saying we didn’t build our own business and Obama not being a Muslim. Those are all lies!
Are you brain damaged?
I’m a Republican and I’m proud of it!
You’re a f***ing idiot.

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