Condoleezza Rice Agrees Obama Didn’t Lie About Libya (VIDEO)

Despite most conservatives blatantly politicizing the death of four citizens, including an ambassador, in Libya, Condoleezza Rice has broken from them in her appraisal of the situation. On Fox News, while being interviewed by Greta Van Susteren, she stated:

But when things are unfolding very, very quickly, it’s not always easy to know what is really going on on the ground. And to my mind, the really important questions here are about how information was collected. Did the various agencies really coordinate and share intelligence in the way that we had hoped, with the reforms that were made after 9/11?

So there’s a big picture to be examined here. But we don’t have all of the pieces, and I think it’s easy to try and jump to conclusions about what might have happened here. It’s probably better to let the relevant bodies do their work. (Think Progress)

Here’s the video:


Her defense of Secretary Clinton and President Barack Obama doesn’t come as that much of a surprise if you think about it; while occupying the position Secretary of State Clinton now holds, she faced many important and controversial decisions including whether to advise a war in Iraq (she did advise so) and has faced heat for those decisions.

In this case, let’s be serious now. The request for extra security came from Tripoli — any extra security would have been 400 miles away. Conflicting intelligence reports at the time and immediately following the deaths led to the White House not being able to accurately report what happened, although it was labeled as a terror attack early. Expert assessment also says that added security would not have saved them, as the attackers were using heavy weapons that would have been difficult to repel in any case. I think it’s time we move on and stop politicizing this horrific tragedy.

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