Embarrassing Voting Mailer Irregularities, Ballot Misprints, And Other Stupid Errors Cropping Up Across The U.S.

Daniel Lippman of the Huffington Post shares some election season FAILs:

In Washington state, 22,596 ballots were printed that asked voters to select a “President/Vice President of the Untied States.” More like “fit to be tied,” with the wide-spread incompetence going on from coast to coast. Jefferson County Auditor Donna Eldridge says the ballots were mailed out last week, despite five staff members supposedly proofreading them, but “with many words, it doesn’t matter as long as you have the first letters and the last letters spelled right; people know what you mean.”

In Michigan, hundreds of Auburn Hills voters did not receive requested absentee ballots. City Clerk Terry Kowal claims that 1,455 ballots were mailed out on October 3rd, but voters have been calling in and complaining that they have not yet received them. More than a third of the ballots may not have been delivered properly, and voters are urged to call Kowal’s office to request a replacement ballot.

In North Carolina, early voters in Greensboro were furious when their electronic voting machines switched their Romney votes to Obama. George Gilbert, Board of Elections director, said the machines needed to be “re-calibrated.”

HuffPo’s Lippman quotes Gilbert:

“It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just a machine that needs to be corrected,” he told Fox 8. Two voters in Cumberland County, N.C., also complained that the electronic voting machine wasn’t registering their candidate choices properly on the touch screen, the Fayetteville Observer reports. The board of elections said the machine was shut down and re-calibrated.

In Arkansas, a White County voter complained that a state representative’s name was spelled incorrectly on the electronic ballot: “State Representative Tiffany Rog…” instead of “Tiffany Rogers.” An Arkansas Democratic Party representative expressed hope that this would be corrected soon. (Failing that, maybe Ms. Rogers can consider changing her surname to Rog.)

In Indiana, La Porte County Democrats were outraged to discover that a Republican Voting Registration office clerk had taken it upon herself to purge thousands of eligible voters from the rolls. Only 800 were technically due to be purged, but more than 13,000 were removed. Now La Porte County officials are scrambling to reinstate all those voters in time for Election Day.

In Florida, Palm Beach County misprinted up to 27,000 absentee ballots, which were filled-out and returned by voters, but which could not then be read by the optical scanning vote tabulation machines. The ballots are now being laboriously copied, one by one, by hand, on to properly-aligned ballots. You may remember Palm Beach from such nightmares as The Dangling Chads and Bush v. Gore 2000.

In Ohio, Ottawa County election information mailers were sent out to hundreds of eligible voters in three Danbury, Ohio townships but they specified the wrong date (November 8th instead of November 6th) and place to vote on Election Day. The Election Board is having to re-send corrected mailers out.

And, of course, Arizona has been caught misleading Spanish-speaking voters not once but twice, issuing voting instructions that were correct in English, but featured the wrong date in Spanish.

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