GOP Election Fraud In Ohio’s Ottawa County

A barn in Ottawa County, Ohio, sporting an Obama logo

David Ferguson at Raw Story shared a story originally covered in The Cleveland Plain Dealer. The Ottawa County Board of Elections sent a mailer to more than 2,000 Ohio voters which had both the wrong date — Thursday, November 8th, two days after the actual final date to vote — and the wrong location for Election Day voting.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern expressed outrage, noting that Secretary of State John Husted’s office had “no excuse […] to botch their most basic job” of notifying voters where and when they could exercise their civic duty and vote. Husted, a Republican, is being urged by the Ohio Democrats to review all the Board’s correspondence to make sure no other misleading voting-related mailing have been sent to Ohioans.

Democrats in Ohio were already angry about Republican efforts to cut back on early voting, noting that it overwhelmingly suppressed African-American votes and seemed to target counties that were both predominately Democratic and which had favored Barack Obama in 2008.  (Some other counties which lean Republican have, conversely, had their hours extended.) The Democrats also point out that the new Board of Elections Director is a Republican.

“We want people to vote, that is our reason to be here,” Deputy Director of the Ottawa Board of Elections Carol Ann Hill said. “It was just a mistake. It is troublesome to make a mistake, but there was no effort to suppress the voting of anyone.” She added that the Board would be sending a new voter information mailer out promptly, “with an apology.”

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