538 Poll Update Of Republican DOOM! 10/26

This will be a nightly feature until President Obama whups Mitt Romney’s butt on Nov. 6! The slow motion crash and burn of the Romney campaign will be fun to watch. Bring the kids!

Here’s the swing state breakdown:

Colorado: 57.3% chance of an Obama victory (Up from 56.1%)

Florida: 62.9% Romney (Down from 65.3%)

Iowa: 72.1% Obama (Up from 67.9%)

Nevada: 78.8% Obama (Up from 77%)

New Hampshire: 69.7% Obama (Up from 67.7%)

North Carolina: 81.7% Romney

Ohio: 76.3% Obama (Up from 74% and causing the Romney campaign to panic)

Virginia: 54.1% Obama (Massive flip from 50.7% for Romney, possible statistical anomaly)

Wisconsin: 85.7% Obama

The move of Virginia from leaning Romney to leaning Obama has got to be making the Romney campaign lose its collective mind. If Romney loses Ohio, which seems likely, Virginia becomes vital for a path to 270 electoral votes. See you for tomorrow’s update!

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