If Presidential Campaigns Were ‘The Voice’ There Would Be NO Undecideds (VIDEO)

Throughout a very, very long presidential campaign, American citizens have been given the opportunity to judge the two candidates based on a very, very long list of criteria covering their views on everything from healthcare reform, the economy and women’s issues, to foreign policy, gay rights and environmental protections. And given the inexplicable fact that, even after the last debate (with its clear win for President Obama) some voters remain undecided, it seems the campaign has missed something; some critical point of difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney that would help even the most persistent Undecideds decide.

On Thursday night, October 25, 2012, it became clearer what that was.

Singing chops.

Of course, it can’t be expected that a presidential candidate also be a good singer. If he is, well, isn’t that just a nice bonus? And just as a point of reference, here’s a video of President Obama singing a little something:

Wow! Who knew, right?! Hard to knock that.

But in the spirit of equal time, let’s see what Mitt Romney can do. Let’s even give him a little bit more of a song…here’s that video:


But, OK, maybe that’s not fair. They’re presidential candidates, not contestants on The Voice; a guy can’t help if he’s not a great singer, right? So let’s give him a little assist. Let’s bring in the big guns, say, a professional singer who just happens to be a fan. Wait, what? Meatloaf’s in the audience?! Come on, you can’t beat Meatloaf! And Randy Owens from Alabama?! Well, dang it, bring ’em up and let’s show that Obama fella what’s what with the singin’ stuff!

(Do stay for the whole video…):

As they say in litigation, never ask a question for which you don’t already know the answer. It seems the same applies to singing campaign gimmicks: never bring up a singer unless you’re clear his performance is not going to become the next YouTube laugh line.

And who says Presidential campaigns aren’t fun?

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