PROOF: GOP Party Bosses Rigging Elections For Romney

The internet has been abuzz since the British website UK Progressive released a report on how a retired NSA analyst Michael Duniho had gone over the Arizona GOP Primary Results from earlier this year and discovered widespread GOP election fraud through what can be called an electronic fingerprint. He found that when you break down the primary results in to their component precincts, and then compare the percentage of each candidate and how much they gained per precinct, a pattern appeared:

Source: Retired NSA analyst Michael Duniho's analysis, as reported by Denis G. Campbell and Charley James in UK Progressive

Graph: Retired NSA analyst Michael Duniho’s analysis, as reported by Denis G. Campbell and Charley James in UK Progressive

The larger the district, the larger Mitt Romney’s percentage, in a smooth line.

This is statistically improbable to occur even in one election. What he discovered is that this is not a one time fluke at all. Instead, he found the tell-tale signature of electronic manipulation.

He took this data, and compared it to other Arizona elections. He found the same signature, signaling a shifting of votes away from multiple candidates and towards one particular candidate, a Republican candidate, or in this case, the Republican leadership’s preferred candidate. Using this model, and comparing it, you find this same pattern happening in other elections. In this paper from Francois Choquette and James Johnson, they find the same patterns in other races, such as the special election to replace former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords:

Graph: UK Progressive

Graph: UK Progressive

The election for Giffords was such a landslide for the Democratic candidate that even this tactic of shifting votes around was insufficient to overcome the true vote counts, but it is clear that the fix was in. The tabulation machines were subtracting votes from the Democrat, adding them to the Republican And in race after race in Arizona, the same fix is found going back to 2006.

Vote counts should never go down.

You do not go to the polls and “unvote” for one or more candidates to take votes away from them; you vote for a single candidate, your vote is added to the total they have already received, and their votes increase. Vote counts should either hold steady or go up. When vote counts go down, it indicates fraud. Full stop.

When you expand your search, looking for this pattern, investigation reveals that this vote tampering was not just restricted to Arizona.

When one examines comparisons of primaries nationwide, you will note that the same pattern is found. It is statistically improbable for this pattern to happen in even a single race. To have it happen in every primary race in states with Republican leadership? A statistical impossibility.


2012 Wisconsin Primary (Graph: The Money Party)

2012 Ohio Primary (Graph: The Money Party)

When these reports first came out, we went over the numbers instead of just rushing in with the story. The numbers are clear as day. The fix is in all across the country, and it is restricted to states run by Republicans. This kind of manipulation can only be done subtly: votes are not shifted more than 10%.

The reason why the fraud is so easy to spot when you examine the primaries is because the tampering was not restricted to stealing votes from one specific competitor, but from several, which increased the rate of shift as the voting population increased. The large Republican primary base becomes the scam’s undoing. The computerized manipulation algorithm leaves a fingerprint easy to identify; all such things do…and now we know what to look for.

To show how the manipulation works, here is a sample of the Ohio primary breakdown:

  • In Mercer County, a total of 383 people voted in the Republican primary. Of those, 42% voted for Santorum, while 30% voted for Romney.
  • In Highland County, 5,590 people voted, 39% for Santorum and 31% for Romney.
  • Now examine the results from larger Ashtabula County, with its 8,932 voter turnout: it shows that Santorum suddenly dropped to 35% while Romney’s votes climbed to 33%.
  • In the largest, Montgomery County, with its 56,283 voter turnout, Romney’s vote tally suddenly zoomed up to 38%, and Santorum’s tally dropped to a distant 31%.

These results have been verified by cross-checking with the election results numbers posted on the Ohio Secretary of State‘s website. For the above charts, Choquette and Johnson also used Wisconsin‘s election results information by precinct, district and ward.

For once, the Tea Party is correct: there is fraud afoot. But it is not dead people voting, it’s not non-citizens voting or people trying to impersonate other voters. It’s not voter fraud, it is election fraud. The election fraud going on is this: votes are being stolen by manipulating electronic voting machines to take votes from one or more candidates to benefit whomever someone (the vote counter?) has decided should win. This lucky candidate is always a Republican. State after state, case after case, the Republicans are clearly committing widespread, systematic election fraud.

The Republicans who are actively encouraging voter disenfranchisement–such as their insistent pushes for Voter I.D. laws and threats to send brigades of partisan “observers” (like True The Vote) to hassle, harass and hover over legitimate voters in polling places–are setting us all up. It is just a ruse. The real fix is already in place. The moves for Voter I.D. are to give a plausible cover story if or when their Chosen One, against all odds and against the polled predictions, wins. They will use all the confusion about voting guidelines, rules and laws to explain away why the polls are supposedly “wrong” yet again. Why not have everyone blame Voter I.D.-related confusion or “bad” polling data instead of examining the real culprits at the scene of the crime: scores of electronic voting machines that can be easily manipulated?

Guess what? This election fraud is not new! 

Documents released to the court detail how the Republicans rigged the 2004 election, in an operation fronted by former Republican operative Mike Connell. A letter released from the Justice Department discusses how Karl Rove had prepared to set up Connell to take the sole blame for the election tampering, and also reveals that the DOJ felt that Connell’s life was being threatened. Mike Connell did, in fact, die in a plane crash shortly after his deposition was given to the court but before he could be brought in to testify in person. Accidents do happen, but it was very convenient timing, would you not agree?

Graph: UK Progressive

Graph: The Money Party

Using this electronic trail, it is possible to reconstruct the actual vote tallies, and therefore determine how many votes were shifted. You can see how vote counts were subtracted from several candidates and then added to the chosen one–Mitt Romney’s–tally:

Examining the final vote tally, it is clear: Romney did not win the Republican nomination at all.

He had lost the nomination to Rick Santorum. Romney is now in a position where he can never know if he could have won honestly, because the entire race has been dishonest from the beginning. Even if Mitt Romney is declared the winner on Election Day in November, and even if vote counts seem to back that up (at least before the results are examined for more of this vote fraud and outright theft), his administration should forever be considered illegitimate.

The Republican party is no longer in touch with American values. It has turned to these tactics in order to retain power, and if you have to cheat and lie to win, then perhaps your cherished conservative policies, talking points and plans are not truly popular with the majority of Americans, no matter how fervently you wish you could force them on everyone.

If Mitt Romney wants to ever have a shed of legitimacy ever again in his life, he must disavow these tactics, and he and his running mate should stop running for President immediately. Vote tampering and election fraud is not acceptable in a free society. If the Republican party does not distance themselves from this, it is an admission that this is how they intend to win: fraud and theft, all while pretending that in-person voting fraud–the ONLY kind of fraud that voter I.D. legislation could ever address–is the real problem and claiming, without any evidence whatsoever, that “Democrats do the same thing.”

One final thought: which political party is throwing tantrums over the possibility that impartial U.N. observers will monitor the November election to endure that there is no fraud or voter intimidation? It’s not the Democrats.