Record Early Vote Turnouts In Florida May Bring Good News To Obama Campaign

Yesterday, October 27, was the first day of early voting in the battleground state of Florida, and if history is anything to go by it will bring nothing but excellent news for the Obama campaign. Record voter turnout in several counties has surprised everyone, but optimism among Democrats is guarded because Republicans have been pushing early voting harder this election season as well.

The Tampa Bay Times reports the following data for several counties in Florida:

The Times’ Adam Smith reported on Twitter, “More than 20k pple voted eary today so far in Hillsborough Co…In 08 biggest single day (11/1/08) was 18,736.

The Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo tweeted, “Miami-Dade early voting so heavy that by 3 pm 14,745 people voted — more than ENTIRE first day of 08 EV (12,000). 12-hour total: 22,625.”

Gary Fineout of the Associated Press, “Leon County – a Democratic stronghold in Fla – had a record turnout for early voting with 5447 votes cast on day 1.”

Time will tell whether or not this is the good news for the Democrats that it seems to be. If last election is anything to go by, the left should be crowing in delight — early voting by Democrats last election season was higher than that of Republicans by a huge margin.

This year, Romney and the Republican Party has been pushing early voting much more heavily, however, and it may be that the higher degree of votes is from more Republican votes or increased voting among both main political parties. Democrats have also been emphasizing early votes this year to an even higher extent in an effort to combat widespread voter suppression and to make rigging elections more difficult.

My personal hope is that the increased number of votes cast in Florida will become a pattern for the entire election: even if the candidate I support does not win, it would be nice to see a much higher percentage of eligible Americans taking interest in the leadership of their country and speaking with the one voice that truly matters — their ballot.

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