Ex-Preacher, Mike Huckabee Threatens People With Damnation For Voting For Obama (VIDEO)

Image from Salon.com

The economy is improving on almost a daily basis. More Americans will have health insurance than ever before. LGBT people are on their way to having marriage equality. It’s tough to see a material reason to vote against reelecting Obama, so leave it to a batch of Christian conservatives to make up an immaterial reason, eternal damnation. The trend started with Catholic Priests and Bishops. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is the ex-Baptist Pastor and ex-presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, in this very dark (just in time for that Pagan holiday called Halloween) video that’s meant to scare the bejeezus into you.

Here’s the video:

Transcript from Slate:

HUCKABEE: Many issues are at stake, but some issues are not negotiable: The right to life from conception to natural death. Marriage should be reinforced, not redefined. It is an egregious violation of our cherished principle of religious liberty for the government to force the Church to buy the kind of insurance that leads to the taking of innocent human life.

Your vote will affect the future and be recorded in eternity. Will you vote the values that will stand the test of fire? This is Mike Huckabee asking you to join me November 6th and vote based on values that will stand the test of fire.

Leave it to an anti-science Christian conservative to call the prevention of conception “the taking of innocent human life.” He even contradicts himself by saying that life begins at conception. Birth control prevents conception. By now, I’m sure Huckabee knows that hormonal birth control is used for more than just birth control. What is his stance on the ‘erectile dysfunction’ pills that are covered by insurance?

More importantly, threatening people with the sanctity of their very own souls is nothing short of emotional abuse.

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