Florida Early Vote Totals Drastically Changed, Raises Questions

Author: October 30, 2012 5:59 pm

Florida is heavily scrutinized every election; partially due to the high electoral vote count and its swing state nature, but also because of controversial vote counts from 2000 and on (younger Bush’s first election). This year is shaping up to be no different, as serious questions are being asked about early vote counts already.

Broward County, a Democratic Party stronghold located in south eastern Florida, has already has some serious early vote counting issues. The total vote count was revised by 536 total, from 28,330 down to 27,794. That might not seem like much, but remember that in the 2000 election, the entire state was decided by only 538 votes.

However, the disturbing part is that in some areas the count was off by a pretty significant amount — one from 2,945 to 1,942! The Grio, an NBC News affiliate, offers this breakdown:

They go on to report,

“There could be a very simple explanation. I have no idea,” said David Brown, a political consultant who is working for three Broward candidates, and who downloaded the Sunday early vote totals Sunday morning, only to be asked later by a colleague for the numbers, which he retrieved from his phone. When he looked at the revised totals, the Pat Larkins number stood out. “Almost every one of the precincts changed,” Brown said. “Some by two or three, one by about 100. But the Pat Larkins Center, that’s more than a thousand votes. I’m curious why.”

Brown said that when he inquired about the numbers, he was told by the elections office that the changes had resulted from a “computer glitch.”

Computer glitch? If so, they should release the exact details of such a glitch along with testimony from several computer experts, because votes aren’t something that you play around with. If there is a glitch, it needs to be fixed, and immediately. They also said that there were a couple transposing errors that were fixed, but there is no excuse for any of this.

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  • I wonder if any of those voting machines owned by a Bain company were in use in those counties? If so, glitch my foot!

  • shartiblartfat

    Help us, Obi-Wan Anonymous!

  • Anonymous! Where are you!!! Help!!! ;)

  • OMG…being a computer guy, the excuse of glitch, means there was no explination. Its just means numbers changed, and they don’t know why. A “glitch” has a cause…like when I’m watching an encoded video on my flatscreen, while playing WOW with the graphics turned up…lots of freezing and such ensues…But NEVER, EVER in life, have I witnessed the numbers in my spreadsheet suddenly change out of nowhere. This is ridiculous, and doesn’t make any sense at all. Glitch my ass!

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