Geraldo Rivera Is Fox’s Voice For Journalistic Integrity On Libya Attacks?! (VIDEO)

Many people only know Geraldo Rivera from things like the infamous chair-throwing incident on his show in the eighties or the embarrassing live unveiling of Al Capone’s empty vault or in the recent past, his over the top hoodie comment during the height of the Trayvon Martin coverage, but he actually has an impressive journalistic background. In 1972 he won a Peabody Award for his undercover investigation of the appalling abuse at the Willowbrook State School in Long Island and he received Emmy Awards for his work on 20/20 as well. And on the October 26th episode of Fox & Friends he proved that his journalistic integrity is still intact by taking his co-workers to task for spreading unsubstantiated rumors about the attack on our embassy in Libya in order to sway the election rather than waiting for a full investigation to find the actual facts. Here’s the video:

Geraldo was correct in saying that no one watched this attack happen in real time on video and according to The Atlantic Wire, the Pentagon, the CIA and the White House all deny that any requests for assistance were refused. There is simply no hard evidence that any CIA operatives were told to stand down when they offered to assist during the attack in Benghazi as Fox News reported, or that any such request was made in the first place. The Fox News slogan, “Fair and Balanced” has always been ridiculed on the left but it’s surprising and refreshing to see Geraldo Rivera of all people call them out on their blatantly unfair and unbalanced coverage of the tragedy in Libya.