Romney Trained Poll Watchers To Mislead Voters

For training Romney Poll Watchers in Wisconsin, of which 8 sessions have been held, the campaign produced this lovely little document to instruct their volunteers as to the proper procedure and the law:
Romney Volunteer Observer Training
The problem is, these instructions, and the associated training, is full of errors and omissions.

From Page 5:

Any “person [who] has been convicted of treason, a felony, or bribery” isn’t eligible to vote.

Not only is this bad grammar, but it is incorrect. According to the state regulations once a person has served their sentence, their right to vote is automatically restored.

From Page 10:

If a handicapped voter is unable to come into the polls to vote, an assistant can deliver the ballot to the voter if the CEI verifies the elector’s proof of residency.

This is also not true. Under Wisconsin law the CEI does not have to verify the elector’s proof of residency.

The a tricky part is also found on Page 10:

Election Observers should not assist [voters].

This is the Romney campaign skirting the law, giving a judgement call on “should or should not” when in fact the law allows for voters to request assistance from anyone, including poll observers.

But the most disgusting is from pages 8 to 10, where they list acceptable identification, but leave a multitude of options off the list. The options they left off include:

  • letters from public schools
  • student loan papers
  • correspondence with a Native American tribe in Wisconsin
  • vehicle registration
  • food stamp correspondances
  • an affidavit from a public or private social service agency

Why does the Romney campaign engage in such easily verifiable deceptions? If a poll observer is found to be enforcing these illegal activities, it is the observer which will find themselves under arrest. And their only defense will be that the Romney campaign told them to do it. But, sadly, lies are what we have come to expect from the campaign of what once was considered a decent man.