GOP Campaign Ad Callously Exploits Disaster With ‘Sandy’ Attack on Obama

Thirty people are dead. Millions of people without power. Houses are flooded. Yet, Virginia voters have very promptly received Hurricane Sandy-related campaign ads smearing Obama.

The exploitative and incredibly insensitive ad was produced by Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which first posted the new ad. Americans for Tax Reform is the organized Tea Party: a radical, well-funded, right-wing lobbyist group that “opposes all tax increases as a matter of principle.”

And, I have to ask: What extremely oblivious tax abolitionist thought it would be effective to use Sandy against Obama? His response has been focused, compassionate, and remarkable, even Republican Governor Chris Christie called Obama’s handling of the disaster “outstanding.”

Overlaying an ominous image of a storm, the ad reads:


Barack Obama’s policies have added $4 billion in debt each day he’s been in office.

America CAN’T AFFORD this debt.

This isn’t the only Hurricane Sandy fumble we’ve seen this week, nor is it the only outrageous campaign ad circulating. But, sticking with this one for now: As for the claim that Obama’s adding $4 billion per day to the budget deficit, the Washington Post fact-checker gave it 2 Pinocchios, saying:

This ad exaggerates Obama’s impact on the rise of the debt, as it was not just spending, but a decline in revenue that is responsible for the sharp rise in federal budget deficits. Obama has proposed policies to help reduce the deficit…it seems strange to suggest he has done nothing about it.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities put it a bit more plainly:

The conclusion is, in order to address the deficit in any responsible way, we have to pair spending cuts with revenue increases.

“If all Bush tax cuts were allowed to expire, it would cut the deficit by 54%, or $226 billion, in 2015,” concluded the director of The Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis last year.

Obama knows it, and that’s why he keeps saying that wealthy people “need to do a little bit more.”

I think Norquist’s head just imploded.

On a more serious note, I live in a swing state and I have received about 20 very harsh, very inaccurate anti-Obama ads in the mail. Last week I got THREE IN ONE DAY. Please get out and vote early Wed.-Sat (find your location). Encourage those close to you to do the same. This election is about what we as Americans value, even more than it’s about one man. Let’s all stand together, once again, and make this our election over the next 7 days.

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