Pushback Against Hate: Taking On Westboro This Veterans Day

Young Westboro hater @ Edublog.org

Hate is a remarkable thing, a sort of “ignorance in action.” Embodied by those who often claim a higher source for their bile – God, ethic supremacy, political superiority, religious conviction – hate is the lowest harmonic of human emotion and it’s often found in the most oxymoronic places.

Like a church. Or, at least, something called a church. One of those, in particular, stands out in its profound contradiction to the word’s meaning: the Westboro Baptist Church (WARNING: link opens to an offensive title).

I hesitate to even assign the label “church” to this group. It’s a word most typically defined as “a building designed for public forums of worship, especially Christian worship,” or “a collective body of Christians,” but the only words there that actually apply to WBC are public, forum, collective and body. Christian certainly doesn’t apply, nor does worship. This cabal, instead, is hell-bent on nothing that could be ascribed to spirituality; rather, the promotion of a hate-addled agenda as far from the Christian principles of love, charity, acceptance and compassion as…the Devil.

In this modern age of cyber connections via websites and social media, WBC keeps cultural pace with their own site, repugnantly titled, God Hates Fags, a twisted claim so presumptuous and misguided, one can safely assume they have no connection whatsoever to the purported Creator of Heaven and Earth. They do, however, have a picket page on this cesspool of a site, on which they list every picket they’ve got penned on the books, whether a soldier’s funeral, a Madonna concert (apparently she’s a “fag hag” which puts her in the pantheon of “hate-ees”), or a public monument. In the “name of Jesus,” these sociopaths have a damn busy schedule!

There’s no busier day than November 12th, Veterans Day, when four – four – pickets are scheduled. It seems the WBC trolls are committed to shoving their perverse view of Jesus down the throats of as many as possible on this patriotic holiday, and consider that task most effectively accomplished by hate-picketing such corrupt, evil, and deeply sinful places such as….a high school and the Arlington National Cemetery.

Yep. This Veterans Day the demented denizens of the Westboro Baptist Hate Center – I mean, Church – will be picketing Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon and, even more illogically, two high schools. In the spirit of raising the moral bar, and/or consciousness level of anyone within eye-shot, let me share the times and locations of said pickets in the event you’re in the area and would like to honor the holiday in a principled push-back:

You can start your day at Yorktown High School, a “Blue Ribbon High School,” located at 5200 Yorktown Blvd., Arlington, VA, 22207. Picket time: 7:40am-8:10am. And what has Yorktown HS done to deserve this hate-hurling distinction?

“Westboro will picket Yorktown High School because we know that Doomed america (sic) has turned the school systems into institutions to teach rebellion against God. Every adult that touches the lives of your children hate them, including parents, teachers, coaches, preachers. No truth to be found on the landscape. So you will all land in hell together, and there you will remain, bitter cursing and wailing and gnashing of teeth. How sad is that?!  Not to worry, WBC brings HOPE! The Bread of Life. If you loath it, too bad, it is all you get.”

Next up, the Pentagon; 8:50am-9:30am. It’s Veterans Day…this one is predictable:

“Westboro Baptist Church has a return date to picket the Pentagon. Much focus must be here now, as the nation has degraded to the point where they had fag day at the Pentagon. GONE are the days where you can consider your military as men of character, men of renown, men of courage. NO, all you have left are the fags and sissies. Clip-clop; Clip-clop down the road in your pink glitter pumps, silky skirts swishing and mincing as they go. THAT is what you trust in for this hour for your security. YOU HAD GOD, now you have nothing!  What a horrible shame!”

Leaving there, you’ve got a half hour to get to the next location…Arlington National Cemetery, 10:00am-12:00pm. Again, given the holiday, it’s not hard to figure this one:

“Westboro Baptist Church will picket Arlington National Cemetery as a perfect follow up to our nice Pentagon Picket. Did we mention that the Pentagon had fag day last June? The next stop is hell, and as you wait for your body to join your soul, fashioned to be perfectly suited for hell, for eternity, that dead carcass can have a pit stop at Arlington. What a worthless and telling place! They worship the dead there. They insist that you go quietly and that you cannot run and that you must sit if you are in the range of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (listen up rebels, God knows who is in that tomb, he cast that soul into hell, and he called for the tomb, so that in that day, when rebel carcassas (sic) come out like worms from their holes to join their rebellions soul, and many more words on that, I say, God has arranged for all the right pieces of dust to join their souls for that trip.”

And to wrap up the Veterans Day Hate-Tour, we head to Mount St. Joseph High School, 4403 Frederick Avenue, Baltimore MD 21229; 3:45pm-4:15pm. Westboro clarifies their thinking here in righteous judgment:

“Priests rape children…how evil is that? Like the schools of Doomed american (sic), the so-called churches, parishes, synogagues (sic), etc. have become institutions to teach rebellion against God. The preachers are to blame for the decline and coming destruction of this nation. They serve themselves upon you and your children. They rape, steel (sic), lie, pillage, plunder and worse, they put forth their slimy hands to try and hurt the servants of God. God has promised serious consenquences (sic) for these bastards.”

And, with that, they’re finally done. Thank God…that’s all the bile one day can stomach.

Veterans protest Westboro Baptist Church @ voices.washingtonpost.com

I write about this not to aggrandize or publicize their incomprehensibly evil mission statement, but to shine a light on their activities in hopes of evoking a “call to action” to anyone who might be interested in a pro-active way to spend the Veterans Day holiday, particularly at the Arlington National Cemetery, where the goal of protecting the sanctity of those who died protecting the country might resonate. There are some who say, “ignore evil; give it no attention and it will dissipate;” wiser minds know that, sometimes, evil requires a response, a pushback of equal or greater proportion, to adjust the moral center of humanity and let evil know it will not be tolerated or given franchise.

Do that on November 12th, Veterans Day. Push back. Grab a placard, write something noble on it, wear a warm jacket, and let WBC know you’re there and brought some good with you. Like water on the Wicked Witch, that’ll get ’em.

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