Two-Thirds Of Republicans Believe in Demonic Possession, Less Than Half Believe In Climate Change

I have a very optimistic and positive outlook on American politics. As as progressive, I firmly believe that progress is the path of the future, and that the move forward is inexorable and ultimately unstoppable. However, the following poll results from Public Policy Polling  are questioning my faith in Americans:

— 68 percent of Republicans believe in demonic possession, and 49 percent of Democrats.

— Democrats are more likely than Republicans to believe in ghosts, which coupled with the above information means that Americans as a whole are more likely to believe in demonic possession than ghosts (39 percent of Democrats and 37 percent of Republicans).

— Only 47 percent of voters would be willing to stay the night in a haunted house.

Let’s take those stats with the reminder that a recent Pew Research Center poll has let us know that:

— While 67 percent of Americans agree the earth is warming, only 42 percent say that humans are an influence on current trends, and 19 percent think it is completely natural.

— Only 48 percent of Republicans believe in any sort of warming at all, and 16 percent and 38 percent of conservative and moderate Republicans, respectively, think humans have anything to do with it.

Do you see what you’re reading there? More Republicans believe that you can be possessed by a demon from the Christian hell than believe that the earth is warming at all, much less that humans are influencing it. Kudos to Fox News!

Pew Research Center also reports that:

Obama supporters also are far more likely than Romney supporters to say global warming is a very serious problem (59% vs. 13%). Fully 58% of Romney supports say it is not too serious or not a problem.

What are the causes of these trends in America? Among countries called “first-world” with comparable technological abilities and modern amenities, we are the most religious and paranormal-centered.

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