Fox News Dumps Cold Water On Sandy Benefit

Photo by Robert Ward,

Along the lines of the ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ philosophy, Fox News is criticizing Friday’s benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy’s victims. Their apparent motivation? The President’s response to the crisis makes him look too good.

On “Fox and Friends,” guest host, Eric Bolling, claimed that the timing of the concert is “more than suspect” because, you know, benefits should be held long after the fact that people are suffering. Shouldn’t they? He asked, “Is this more political? Is this more, let’s get this thing on TV before the election to help President Obama look more presidential? Or is it more to help out victims?”

When NBC announced they were sponsoring the benefit, entitled “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together,” they also announced that some of the headline performers will be from the most badly affected areas: Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, from New Jersey, and Billy Joel, of Long Island. To Fox News, raising the names of liberal musicians is like waving a red flag in the face of a bull; never mind the poignant circumstances accompanying the performers’ appearances.

Dan Gainor, of the conservative Media Research Center, was quoted in Fox’s Pop Tarts column as saying:

“NBC, which operates the lefty MSNBC, is holding a pre-election ‘telethon’ headlined by Bruce Springsteen, fresh off his campaign to get Obama re-elected. While it should be hoped that this will focus on raising money for disaster relief, this close to a close election, how will NBC and its other eight networks guarantee that? With a talent lineup many of whom openly support the president, this could easily turn into an enormous gift to his re-election campaign, courtesy of NBC.”

What is Fox News doing to help out with Hurricane Sandy? Well, they’re largely ignoring the crisis. According to the Huffington Post, the hosts of news programs barely mentioned Sandy the day after the storm hit. Instead, they chose to focus on the consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya, “fanning the flames” of conspiracy theories by calling the diplomatic situation, “Benghazi-gate.” The fact that the CIA has discredited their reporting on Benghazi hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm, or altered their focus.

One question comes to mind for east coast conservatives, who are presumably suffering along with those on the rest of the political spectrum: Are you still tuning in to Fox News? Oh, that’s right–you’ll probably need  government assistance before you have electricity again.

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