Geraldo Rivera Crushes Fox’s Eric Bolling Over Benghazi Lies (VIDEO)

Geraldo Rivera has been off script for days on the Benghazi attack. The line of crap the right has been feeding its gullible audience is that Obama deliberately allowed 4 Americans to be killed, among them, Ambassador Chris Stevens. However, Rivera has been disputing these made up “facts” and, on today’s episode of Fox & Friends, he took it to a new level. Here’s the video:

That is quite the outburst. Mediaite highlights the most significant part of the back and forth:

“So, Washington, the State Department, the CIA sends no help,” Bolling said.

“That is an obscene lie,” Rivera shot back. “You are a politician looking to make a political point.”

Bolling and Rivera engaged in crosstalk as Rivera attempted to claim that there were no assets available to rescue the trapped American diplomats in a safe house near the compound. Bolling claimed that regional rescue teams were available to help the besieged diplomats and Marines.

“You are misleading the American people because you want to make a political point,” Rivera said. “We have never in the history of this republic mounted a raid on the circumstance described here ever.”

That’s a conservative calling another conservative out, loudly and unashamedly, for the kind of malicious lying that the conservative movement is now known for. Would that liberals and Democrats do the same more often.

Another important point that Rivera makes is the following:

The United States military is not a fire department, they’re not a SWAT team, sitting around with their backpacks on waiting to respond.

Bolling, and Fox in general, would have us believe that we could have “sent in the Marines” in time to have stopped the attack. Bolling, grasping at straws, demands to know where the drones were, as if sending in an armed drone with no reliable intelligence would have magically only killed the bad guys. It’s possible that Bolling has watched too many movies in which the good guys come storming in at the last second to save the day, but real life is not so tidy and rarely ever has the happy endings Hollywood gives us.

Rivera has vocalized what many of us on the left have been saying since immediately after the attacks: the right has politicized a tragedy for crass political gain. The right’s callous disregard for facts and honesty has never been more evident than in their blatant attempt to drum up a controversy where none exists simply to sway the election. If a liberal used the deaths of Americans in such a way, they would be labeled a “traitor” and “unamerican.”

So this is the choice come Tuesday: vote for the party that uses patriotism as a cudgel, truth be dammed or the party that eschews loud and obnoxious faux patriotism in favor of moving the country forward. Real patriots don’t need to brag about how much they love America or scream about how much their opponents don’t, they show it their actions. Words or deeds? It’s time to choose, America.