Romney Has Temper Tantrum, Admits Anti-Choice Positions (VIDEO)

The video below should speak for itself. When questioned on his beliefs, Romney shows his derision and anger in a spectacularly un-presidential way; he shows the side of him that tied a dog to his car roof and held down a “queer” to cut his hair off. It shows his “CEO” side that loves to fire people. It shows his rage. It also shows his anti-choice position that he claims has nothing to do with his religion.

Here’s the video:


The video speaks for itself. I’m not sure what to say other than the defense of Romney in the comments section is simply astounding; there is no defense for this type of behavior. Many are blaming the radio host for being rude to Romney, but my impression is that the host was both kind and interested. He repeatedly asserted he wasn’t attacking Romney, but Romney continued to speak in what can only be called a rant.

Whether Romney’s religion would affect his presidency or not is a subject for debate, and there are good points on both sides. However, the attitude displayed in this video would certainly affect his presidency. Can you imagine the Mitt Romney seen above attempting to have a diplomatic discussion? If you ask him about something he doesn’t want to talk about, he simply gets angry. Very, very angry.

And what about his positions on abortion? He directly stated above that he supports a prohibition on it. He is completely pandering to his base, yet the fact remains that he is completely and totally anti-choice.

You must ask yourself; is this the man you want in the White House? The attitude? The anger and superior attitude? For many, the answer is a resounding NO. Get out and vote.

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