538 Poll Update Of Republican DOOM! Romney’s Chances Of Winning Only At 16.3%!

Continuing our daily update of one the right wing’s top ten “Most Hated,” Nate Silver and his unfortunately accurate (for Mitt Romney, anyway) 538 blog at the New York Times.

Up from 81.1% chance of winning and 303.3 electoral votes from 11/2. I said, yesterday, that it seemed unlikely that Obama would win more than 303 electoral votes but, apparently, Silver’s algorithm says otherwise. I guess we’ll find out in a few days! I will happily be wrong.

Here’s the swing state breakdown:

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Colorado: 67.9% Chance of an Obama win  (Up from 65.7%)

Florida: 54.8% Romney  (Down from 55.9%) 

Iowa: 80.7% Obama  (Up from 79.6%)

Nevada: 88.7% Obama (Up from 87.2%)

New Hampshire: 80.4% Obama (Up from 78.7%)

North Carolina: 79.6% Romney (Down from 81.1%) Don’t worry, Mitt. I’m sure the racist vote will be in full effect.

Ohio: 83.8% Obama (Up from 80.7%) This is just pouring salt into an open wound at this point.

Virginia: 67.0% Obama (Up from 64.8%) 

Wisconsin: 94.2% Obama (Up from 93.0%) Wouldn’t it funny if Romney won Wisconsin, somehow? (Hint: No, it wouldn’t.)

As I’ve said repeatedly, the GOP is betting on having a close enough election through voter intimidation, election fraud and voter suppression to get this one in front of the VERY conservative Supreme Court. Every vote will count and keep an eye out for “irregularities.”