Chris Rock Has A Message For White Voters (VIDEO)

With only a few days left before the November 6 election, Chris Rock has a message for voters. Specifically, white voters. And what is that message, you ask? Vote for Barack, because he’s white! Here’s the video:


This slightly tongue-in-cheek message from the well-known comedian is a brief moment of levity in what has been an overwhelmingly negative political season this election period.

One complaint I do have, however, even recognizing that this is humor, is that “black” and “white” shouldn’t be considered “cultures” like they are. We’re all American, and to differentiate on race by the way we act seems like it furthers the sort of racism that is so popular as of late: the “it isn’t racist if it’s true” type of speech that is, at best, making the core problem worse and, at worst, encouraging it.

The true culture difference isn’t a race one, anyway. It’s a monetary one. An economic one. The differences in “culture” come from income disparity. True, a high percentage of the very poor are minorities, and a greater degree of those people live in urban communities rather than rural ones. That is another mark of historical racism. When comedy like this comes up, we must recognize it for what it is — comedy — and not take it to heart as so many seem to.

Obama isn’t “white.” He’s biracial, and not properly recognizing his ethnicity is disrespectful in a very real way. There is a fine line between something being comedic and something being inappropriate, and we must be very aware of when we are crossing it.

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