Leaked Ryan Post-Election Job Plans Don’t Mention Vice Presidency

At this point in the election cycle, it is considered a bad sign when insiders of a campaign start to discuss post-election plans with the presumption that their candidate has lost. In 2008, this happened with Sarah Palin, and this year, now it is Paul Ryan’s turn.

Insiders to the Ryan campaign are now discussing post-election options for the vice presidential nominee. The options on the table include:

  • Leave D.C. to take up a teaching position.
  • Leave Congress to become a lobbyist
  • Leave Congress to write a book, tentatively titled “Saving America.”
  • Leave D.C. to enter the business world
  • Leave D.C. to become a lecturer

Notice that none of these seem to plan on him even staying in Congress as a Representative? There is a logical reason why. Because when Congressman Ryan was put on to the Vice Presidential slot on the ticket, some within Congress are already whispering that should he return to Congress it would fracture the fragile Republican coalition in the house.

The picking of Ryan, a minor player in Congressional politics, as the Vice Presidential nominee, stepped on a lot of toes in the lower house of Congress. Many in power view the choice of the 42-year-old a slap in their face. With decades of party affiliation, they were passed over for a person who produced two bills and viewed as a seat warmer, not a power broker.

This step by the Ryan support network is a sign of trouble for the Romney campaign. With the campaign stops by the former Governor, it is clear, they are trying desperately to salvage what they can, and not a complete blow-out. The trash-talk by the Romney campaign is to prevent their supporters from staying home entirely, with the result being a massive loss in house and senate races.

The Romney campaign is in shambles, and Ryan is now a rat fleeing the ship before he winds up in Sarah Palin post-election hell.